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     This months horse tips concerns a "herd bound" horse. In some ways this problemis similar to the barn soured horse I covered sometime ago. While similar, there are some differences. In this case the horse lives in the backyard with no other horses for company. We must remember that horses are herd animals, which basically means they are social animals. Keeping them penned up in the backyard with no other horses for company would be like a person being locked up in solitary confinment. When you are let out of "the hole" you want to socialize and be around other people, whether you know them or not. The same is true for your horse. Keeping it locked up in the backyard with no horses to socialize and interact with is often as bad, or worse, than a horse that does not want to leave his buddy back at the barn.
    While this owner is more or less on the right track, she needs to get more handle on her horse (which from the sounds of things had this problem before she had the horse.) The more of a handle, or the more responsive your horse is to you the easier it will be to control when you get into a tight situation. I would suggest taking lessons from a trainer who would teach you (and your horse) leg yields and suppling.  This way when your horse starts not paying attention to going directly forward (ie:going towards the other horses) you can use your legs to keep him straightened out.
    One other thing you can do to keep your horse from being so lonely is to get him a goat. For some reason, goats and horses bond. If he has the companionship of a goat at home, the lure of the other horses on thetrail won't be as much.
  I hope this has given you some food for thought. If you have any comments on this subject please feel free to post them on our guestbook  Remember that if your horses are having any  problems with you, be sure and check out the  Horse Tips Archives . If the answer is not there, email me about the problem and maybe I will use it for next months horse tips.
    Thanks for reading, and until next month, keep yer broncs topside up.
Bob Kinford

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