About Too Lazy For You Livestock & Literary Company

    Why "Too Lazy For You ?" Well it started out when I gave my "aged colt" a much needed vacation. Nothing for him to do other than eat all the hay he could. I was also giving him a little rolled barley. Unknown to me, the man I was working with (along with his wife) felt sorry for old Whistledink and were each (unknown to each other) giving him a "little extra" grain. Two months later when we started sorting the springers off the heavies for calving, my horse was just a little high. Bucking, biting and striking at the cows he stayed right with their every move, even though he might be four feet off the ground when they turned.
    After the third or fourth cow, my friend said "Bob, you really ought to feed that horse a little grain. He just doesn't have any energy."
    I replied "Yeah, he'd be too lazy for you to ride."
    As for the "Livestock & Literary" half of the company name I figure if they can have  "land and livestock" companies I ought to be able to have a "livestock and Literary" one. As I divide my time between horses, cattle, and writing it only made sense.
    Specializing in starting colts and making all around using horses, I also offer my services for cattle ranches (using the horses I have in training to do the job). I'm also the Nevada rep for Alta Genetics beef semen and Black Maximizer Cattle in addition to writing and publishing my own books, which have been receiving great reviews everywhere I send them. In essence, "too lazy for you" fits me about as well as it fits my over-grained horse, but it's a name (and brand) one tends to remember.

   Too Lazy For You Livestock & Literary Company consists of three of us..."Me, Myself & I".  At times I am the boss, at others, Me are the boss and at other times Myself takes total control.  At least between the three of me there is always someone to blame when things don't work out as planned.
    I was raised outside of Jackson, California where I got the bug to work cattle and horses. Upon graduation from High School in 1972 I had two choices. Take the job my father had lined up for me winding generators at $10 an hour or going to Wyoming and spending the summer horseback guiding dudes for $20 a day. Needless to say I took the latter choice and have never looked back.
The author and his Montana DateWell I can't say never because looking back is where the stories from Cowboy Romance originated.  I can say that I have not regretted the choice I made.  Sure, I could have done like dear old Dad wanted me to do and become a brain surgeon, made a lot of money, and bought me a ranch but what fun would that have been?
     I wouldn't have missed any of it for all the money in the world...Not the crash and burns on the broncs, being run over by bulls, frost bitten fingers and toes or even the calving seasons where there would be weeks with less than 10 hours of sleep (Thats total for the week, not the night...).  It all adds up to the experience of life and it takes those hard times to make us really appreciate the good ones.
    Of course most ranches don't have retirement plans nor pay a guy enough to put anything away for those "golden" years so I decided to start writing for a retirement program.  Doing this the normal way means you have to be in touch with agents and publishers....during business hours.  Seems like much of the time I head out the door before the East coast businesses are open and don't get back in 'til after they're closed on the west coast.  Then there is the drawback in the fact that once a publisher has your manuscript you no longer have any creative control over the final product.  I decided to outsmart them all.....Went out and bought myself a *kompewetore and started teaching myself the publishing business both in book form and on the internet.  (Thats right...I built the site frames and all...If it doesn't fit your browser don't blame me....Myself was in charge of that...)
   As my "formal" education ended with high school, much of what I have learned has been from others.  Older (and occasionally younger) hands, veterinarians etc.  If it were not for the internet and people who have mentored me through email (most of whom I have never met in person...) I would not have been able to produce Cowboy Romance as the professional quality book that it is.  As sort of a pay back for the help I have been given I write the Horse Tips in hopes of helping people figure out their horses.  They are wonderful willing animals if we take the time to learn how to earn their trust.
goin' with no bridle in New MexicoThere is no reason why  we should have to go through "battles" with our horses to get them to respond.  Most of the problems we have with handling our horses (or any livestock) lies in the fact that we don't understand them.  It takes not only a love for the animals but also a lot of time with them and the ability to learn from them to truly understand them.  Hopefully my years of working horseback will allow me to help others to better understand just how wonderful and willing these creatures are.  Just how willing?  If you can't see what is missing from the above picture, place your cursor on it to find out.

    Thanks for dropping by.  Even if you never buy a book I hope you keep coming back to learn something from the Horse Tips column.  Your horse deserves it....


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